Hairtium is a new artistic brand for hairdressers, producing hair cosmetics, high-performance Technical/Commercial training, and work models.



  • Colours evenly and brilliantly, from base to tip lengths
  • Maximum presetting and correction of colour and lightening
  • The Ultra Plex system, composed in this case of 3 precious plant extracts, gives excellent protection to the hair and a deep action of the active ingredients in the outer, middle and inner layers of the hair fibre, guaranteeing maximum structural performance in the hair in terms of protection, conditioning and shine.
  • After rinsing Reconstructur Mask apply Ultra Plex Toner 5 to 15 minutes on damp towel-dried hair.
  • The incredible choice of colours makes it possible to discover a universe of shades.
  • The discovery of the innovative pigment balance ensures that the colour never fades either during the action or in subsequent washes.

Formula protettiva ad azione rinforzante

Argan oil

Bamboo Extract

Babassu oil



5 methods for professionals

    • Direct toning: act with a single direct application


    • Pre and post toning: prepare the base with a pre-toning and then act with the Target Toner


    • Overlapping toning: apply two Toners simultaneously one on top of the other


    • Double toning: apply one Toner on the base and one on the lengths and tips at the same time


    • Reverse toning: perform a complete toning with a cold toner and then overtoning with a slightly warm toner



Comet Clear Diluter example Salon routine

10.99 1:1 Comet Clear avoid overload on clear


10.99 3:1 Comet clear lighten in cases of excess yellow


Comet Clear Shine Colour: 1 existing colour + 3 Clear + 6 Vol