Hairtium is a new artistic brand for hairdressers, producing hair cosmetics, high-performance Technical/Commercial training, and work models.




Hairtium is a new artistic brand for hairdressers, producing hair cosmetics, training and working models with high Technical/Commercial performance.


We believe that the real face of innovation is to structure and enhance the Technical/Artistic part in the working method, through a system of products and protocols directly related to the specific salon services. Our goal is to make every hairdresser grow and improve his world in everything he does: if you are a Hairdresser, then you are an artist.


Making simple products that unleash professional creativity. Building working models that overcome beliefs by innovating. Enabling every professional to always go beyond themselves.


We are an SRL company, composed exclusively of partners who have specific skills in the following areas, technical, stylistic, commercial, marketing and communication. All come from successes with multinational companies such as Goldwell, Wella, Joico, Schwarkopf, Matrix. Many years of product development experience with specialized contract companies, working on color formulas, hair and facial skin treatments.


After 20 years of experience, we decided to combine our strengths and talents to create an ideal brand for professional distributors and hairdressers.

We create and develop professional products for hairdressers under the registered trademark Hairtium.

We develop specialty protocols exclusively for hairdressers, technicians and stylists.

We are an exclusive partner for the distributor who wants a very professional and competitive product of the highest quality, for a distribution business dedicated to professional hairdressers.

We make our product formulas in an exclusive and targeted way, according to our standards of results and training.

We have built a 1,500 square meter facility, with a warehouse for product storage and shipping. The new 300 sq. m. professional Hairtium academy was created for all kinds of hairdressing seminars, trainers and photo shoots.

We specialize in training in communication and problem solving for professional stylists and colorists.

We are structured with management from technical product testing center to marketing, education and business development.

We work worldwide with professionals who want an exclusive quality brand to win over competing competitors.


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President & Technical Director

Fashion Director